The Parish Council now has its own website where you can see agendas, minutes policies and other information.  Visit the site at www.holmptonparishcouncil.co.uk

The parish council meets once a month, normally on the first tuesday of the month.  The meetings are held at the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.  Members of the public are welcome to observe the meetings.
Agendas and minutes of meetings will be displayed on the two village notice boards, (on the village Hall and on the Green near the George and Dragon)  Agendas will be displayed a week prior to the meeting.  Minutes will be published and displayed after the meeting at which they are agreed as a true record.  If you wish to voice your opinions on any of the agenda items please come to the meeting and/or contact the chair or councillor to let them know.
If you have any issues that you feel ought to be brought to the attention of the Parish Council, please contact one of the councillors or contact the Clerk to the Council.

Parish Councillor Contact Information
Andrew Wilkin (Chair) andrewwilkin@hotmail.co.uk
Lesley Hodgson (Vice chair) ljhodgson@live.co.uk
Mick Lenney
Chris Leckonby
Pat Leckonby patleckonby369@btinternet.com
Rob Dawson d4wdec@aol.com
Sue Pilkington sue.pilkington@rocketthouse.co.uk
Lynda Duplock (clerk to the Council) hollmpton-c@outlook.com

Minutes and Agenda of Parish Council Meetings
Minutes Agenda
March 2014
April 2014
May 2014
July 2014
November 2014
February 2015 Feb 2015
March 2015 March 2015
April 2015 April 2015
May 2015 May 12th 2015
June 2nd 2015 June 2nd 2015
July 7 2015 July 7 2015
August  4 2015 August 4 2015
September 1 2015 September 1st 2015
October 6th 2015 October 6th 2015
November 3rd 2015 November 3rd 2015
December 1st 2015 December 2015
January 9th 2016 January 2016
April  5th 2016 meeting cancelled
May 3rd 2016
June 7th 2016    AGM Accounts 2015-16
July  4th 2016
August 2016
September 2016
October 2016 October  16 agenda
November 2016
December 2016
January 2017 January 2017
February 2017 February  7th 2017

Minutes are published once they have been agreed as a true record of the meeting, therefore there will be a delay in posting minutes as they are agreed at the following months meeting

March 2015